Book Reviews

All of my book reviews are of my choosing, and a guarantee to any Indie Author’s book I read. If you enjoy my other book reviews, and have a book of your own or a friend’s, please send me the information as I am always in search of new Authors. You can reach me through the comments section or my contact page. Thank you to everyone who still loves the magic of reading! Click the Links below for quick access to my reviews.

2022 Reviews

The Caging at Deadwater Manor by Sandie Will

Sacrilege by Barbara Avon

2021 Reviews

Dark Ocean by Patrick Carpenter

Collateral Damage by Adam S. Furman

Dark City by Anna Mocikat

Black Hearts by Nicol Nightingale

Entanglement by Alina Leonova

The Replacings by Sandie Will

Elements: A Whisper of Wind by Aaron Scott Wickel

Unhappenings by Edward Aubry

A Girl Called Ari by P.J. Sky

2020 Reviews

The Galactic Satori Chronicles Book 1: Earth by Nick Braker and Paul E. Hicks

Black Tears by Nicol Nightingale

The Takings by Sandie Will

Shadow Soul by M.J. Bavis

Shadow City by Anna Mocikat

Uriel’s Revenge by David Roome

The Devil’s Dictum by Frederick Gero Heimbach