Myers Fiction Review: Black Tears by Nicol Nightingale

           Black Tears offers a never-ending ride of emotions. From sadness to joy, and the excitement of a thriller, Black tears follows a group of friends fighting to survive through a deadly flu pandemic. Nicol Nightingale creates real characters so much that you can at least associate with them as one of your friends. The black tears released by the HAVI Virus seem associated with signs and symptoms of Ebola, but the unique take on this virus keeps the story fresh and enjoyable. With the flu being one of the most malleable diseases as of right now, it works that someone might create and distribute a virus to wipe out human-kind.

           The book cover gives the reader a vague idea of what the book is about, and the contrast of the black, green, and red is a good draw of the eye.

           Black Tears gives enough in the story to make a reader feel satisfied by the character and story arcs but ensures a desire to read the next installment.

           In the end, I would highly recommend this book for people who love the suspense of viral outbreaks and people just trying to survive.

2 thoughts on “Myers Fiction Review: Black Tears by Nicol Nightingale

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