A Myers Fiction review: Black Hearts by Nicol Nightingale


Black Hearts takes you through a chaos of emotions through each part of the story. There are going to be parts you aren’t ready for and may not even expect. Following Paige through internal and external obstacles keeps the story moving at a solid and steady pace. Between corruption and love, and maybe a little lust, the new characters introduced by Nicol Nightingale add the perfect balance in keeping the sequel to Black Tears (Book 1), a unique book that readers will enjoy. 

The Cover:

I liked the cover for Black Hearts because it implies that while we’re going to see the after-effects of the virus, it will be focusing more on the metaphorical heart. I’ll admit I expected people’s hearts to turn black after the whole black tears from book 1, but I guess you’ll just have to read it to find out for yourselves. The single heartbeat shown on the cover could signal the promise of death or that the darkness of the heart could be the difference between life and death. There comes the point where you can extrapolate the exact definition of each section of the cover, but that’s when I decide to step back. The bare minimum assessment is that the cover keeps the same tones that I’d expect from the series but gives enough difference that you don’t need to look hard to know you have the right book in your hand.

The Story:

From obedient soldiers to psychotic killers, you will find a character in Black Hearts that you connect with on some level. While the two main characters’ love rests at more of a simmer, the new characters add a fresh spark to the apocalyptic world. Paige is at it again, working on training and honing her military skills while trying to use her pre-pandemic knowledge to save the world. Given a rare opportunity to work on the cure itself, Paige finds that part of her wishes she would have never looked behind that curtain. Shortly after their arrival on Fort McCoy, Keith goes on a secret mission with a Seal Team. The separation adds an authentic challenge that many military families face. Paige does her best but seems to struggle with her new boss in the lab, and there’s something not right about the man. Through trial and tribulation, Paige finds herself changing, but does she like who she becomes? 

            If you haven’t already read Black Tears (HAVI Virus Book 1), check it out here. Also, if you’d like to read the review for Black Tears, click here.

            If you want to find Black Hearts (HAVI Virus Book 2), then click here.

            There is a third book promise, and I intend to read and review that once released.

            If you like these reviews or have other factors about books, you would like me to address, please comment or send me a WordPress message. 

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