Myers Fiction 2020 In Review

I opened this last year with my first attempt at a Newsletter. I tried but failed to remain consistent in the monthly newsletter. So now, I’ve got to re-strategize and try to figure out exactly what I’m trying to do with 2021. Overall, I got 6 likes and 9 views. 

Top Hits 2020

My top three most clicked links on my site were:

  1. The Practice of Susbandry Concept, wherein I described how I came up with my 2018-2019 storyline idea. 35 views.
  2. Thank You for Your Donation Day Three, which is the start of a fun horror story. 23 views and 3 likes.
  3. A Myers Fiction Review: The Takings by Sandie Will talks about a great horror/suspense novel that you don’t want to miss. With 23 views and 5 likes, I can’t be mad. 

Thanks for making this the biggest year for Myers Fiction!

-Views 1,156, doubling the previous two years of my website!

-442 Visitors, which means unique Views. The way you get more views than visitors is people looking through different posts and parts of your site on the same day from the same device. 

-84 Likes! I love this because I write in hopes that people will enjoy my stories!

-1 Comment, which is down from previous years. I would like to get more engagement from my posts, but I’m still learning how to be a better online presence.

Top Books from the 2020 Myers Fiction Indie Author Book Reviews:

  1. Shadow Soul by M.J. Bavis. Honestly, I loved this contemporary fantasy storyline. You have a girl with a fractured memory, and she’s trying to hide from the past that she barely remembers. Set in a college town, you will know something is up but won’t know what at first. If you love your fantasy books that bleed into our world, check it out!
  2. Uriel’s Revenge by David Roome. I enjoyed most about this story because it helped me escape the real world to join Elwood’s Privateers as they hunted down occultist artifacts. He also balanced the concepts of religion with the text sufficiently to give the understanding necessary for the context of the storyline. If you want a new read from the Science Fiction Genre, check it out!
  3. Black Tears by Nicol NightingaleIt couldn’t have arrived on my bookshelf at a better time than at the beginning of the Coronavirus Pandemic in the United States. If you want a book that will pull you through each page as the relationships between characters grow and the sense of impending doom always feels near, then you want to read this book. A great Horror/Suspense/Action novel to get you through the dreary days.           

Writing Achievements:

  1. The First Draft of The Practice of Susbandry Novel was completed at 56,249 words, which sets it to about 170 pages.
  2. The First Draft of Assimilation Fault finished at 110,007 words! This was a new record for me at the time. This draft finishes up at 345 pages.
  3. Earlier this year, I removed Extoria from the Amazon bookshelf to bite the bullet and re-write the book. I appreciate everyone’s patience and respect for doing this. I will retitle the book as enough has changed for it to be a new book. Everyone who has Extoria, I hope you know that one day that will be a collectible that you can display to say, I supported him first. Anyway, the Extoria Re-write came in at a whopping 142,787 words and ends at 500 pages. I can’t wait to hear my Beta Readers’ feedback and then cleaning it up for a final project.
  4. I am about ¾ of the way done with the Extoria Sequel. I don’t have a working title for it right now. As of today, I’m sitting at 96,000 words. I can’t wait to finish this rough draft and see what story is truly in these pages. I started this project as a part of NaNoWriMo 2020, which I won this year!
  5. I started a new blog Storyline this year, The Day the Earth Went Dark, in which the true premise of the story will be revealed in the storyline post in January 2021!

In the End:

            Thank you to everyone who supports me and enjoys my writing. I look forward to sharing more writing and novels with you as 2021 pushes along. Thank you to the various people who have shared and liked my content on social media. Good luck to everyone for their 2021 year. 

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