The Exhibit

Welcome, everyone to the 2021 Halloween Special, The Exhibit. I’m excited to bring you back to last year’s storyline, Thank You for Your Donation.

The Exhibit finds Ben in a stable relationship, working at a new job, and just made it past the anniversary of events from last year. Melody, Ben’s girlfriend, tells him she got much sought after tickets to a top art show on Halloween Night. At her constant begging, Ben fights his internal worries and agrees. Everything at the art show is going fine until they hear a woman scream. Ben gets a quick text out to the only person who might help them that night.

  1. Normal Life
  2. The First Scream
  3. Mark of the Artist
  4. Call of the Oath
  5. Enclosure
  6. The Art of Facade
  7. No Signs of Hope
  8. Reversion
  9. Let the Show Begin
  10. Overwhelming Fear
  11. Sticks of Stone
  12. Misdirection
  13. A New Kind of Clay
  14. Disconnection
  15. The First Pledge
  16. False Freedom
  17. A Guided Hand
  18. The Video
  19. A Fizzled Hope
  20. Pulsation
  21. Goliath
  22. Breaking Parole
  23. Make Me Beautiful
  24. Recorded History
  25. Aged Perspective
  26. An Artist’s Tool
  27. The Final Cut
  28. How Many Lost?
  29. Lawyer Up
  30. Only Here for You
  31. Survivor’s Club