The Day the Earth Went Dark

A new member of the Space Force stuck in space must save his crew and return home to the dark planet below. Unable to communicate with the world below, all the survivors of the Space Force can do is guess at what happened.

Meanwhile, a mother and a father try to survive as Earth falls apart at its loss of electricity and function of most electrical devices. Hidden in a safe-house built in the Wasatch Mountains, they try to survive the initial brutality of human kind with minimal resources.

Episode 1: Dark Spectre 1

Episode 2: Is There Anybody Out There?

Episode 3: Caught Mid-Transmission

Episode 4: Hope and Fear

Episode 5: Contact

Episode 6: Death Unleashed

Episode 7: A Foul Meeting

Episode 8: Artificial

Episode 9: Spark of Life

Episode 10: Fresh Air

Episode 11: False Flag

Episode 12: Warning Signs

Episode 13: Always Watching

Episode 14: A Threat Too Real

Episode 15: Sick Call

Episode 16: Rapids of Union

Episode 17: Forcing the Hand

Episode 18: Francis Peak

Episode 19: Subversion

Episode 20: Connection Made

Episode 21: Adonis Exposed

Episode 22: Crash Landing

That’s all my nugs! I appreciate everyone who reads The Day the Earth Went Dark. I enjoyed and learned a lot from writing this story. I hope you enjoyed it too!