Throwback Thursday Fiction

The first story I wrote started in the Alleszehn series. While I made multiple attempts to delve into the story once more, most of the work exist back in 2005. I thought some readers might enjoy seeing the starting place of my writing. I believe that you can add to your skillset and that you are not stuck at your current level if you continue to develop your mastery. Please enjoy the mind of the youth in this following entry.

“It all started in the year 1500 AD when all magicians were all walking around freely. When dark magicians started to take over and kill off the good magicians a group of the last good magicians joined together to save their powers in items that would be safe until it was time for good to rise again. The powers were that of ice, wind, invincibility, and healing. The magicians had one special that required them all to be present for it to work. 

            The power was time travel. They used the power to travel to see the future of what the world would be like and the safest places to preserve their powers. They saw a beautiful island with mountains covered in ice, a pathway that was tormented with winds, a deadly forest to men, and finally the field of death with one sprout of life. Once they had seen where they could hide their powers they traveled to this location and found the island deserted. Confusion filled their minds due to the fact that when they saw the island in the future it seemed to have thousands of years in advancement. They had also seen a school that helped support these kids who had unique abilities. When they arrived however, it was as uninhabited as any other planet besides earth was. They worried they had traveled to the wrong location until they saw the mountain covered in ice. They began their travels from the shore into an enormous valley. On one side of them they saw the mountain with the ice and to the other side was another mountain. They assumed the valley would be the location of the future inhabitants.”

During that year, 2005, The Half-Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling released, and the Fandom for the Harry Potter series thrived in the youth and adults alike. I admit that Harry Potter influenced the concept of a school and how I planned to lay out the series. Also during that time, I watched a lot of Saturday morning cartoons. All of us kids who grew up in the 90s looked forward to our favorite shows on those mornings. X-men became one of my favorites. During 2005 the X Men’s initial trilogy surpassed any other superhero type of movie before Iron Man came from Marvel Studios and caused the superhero market to explode. I won’t make any presumptions about other writers, but it doesn’t surprise me that I wrote in that way at 13. A lot of knowledge, expertise, and growth begins as imitation. I saw what success looked like in 2005 and wanted to emulate that format.

At 13, I didn’t even realize I wanted to become a writer. I just wanted to beat my cousin, who had told me that he wanted to write a book with his friends, and each took a different character’s part. While he spun his tale, which partially influenced my own, I thought of how I could write an entire book on my own. I didn’t have some childhood desire to tell stories the second they slapped a diaper on my ass, but sometimes you don’t find what you love until after you’ve started.

I think it’s fun to see where I started and my growth into the writer I am now. In no way do I claim to have reached the pinnacle of my writing, but I can see the growth since those Jr. High years.

To see my current writing style, please look through my blog! There are fiction and non-fiction stories throughout. Thank you for your support and for reading this Myers Fiction Entry!

If you have a fun story like this, please feel free to share it in the comments. As always, stay fresh, my nugs!

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