A Myers Fiction Review: Entanglement

Entanglement: A Dystopian Sci-Fi Thriller by Alina Leonova

I want to open this by saying that Alina reached out to me to check out her book. I was so excited after reading the summary that I didn’t hesitate to purchase Entanglement. So thank you, Alina, for reaching out to me and introducing me to your excellent book. Now, let’s get into it.

Book Cover:

I thought this book cover was beautiful, with the tree branches shaping a face. You don’t realize it at first as a reader, but the front cover carries so much meaning. Even though Entanglement is a Sci-Fi book, the front cover prepares you to approach the story with nature in mind. The contrasting colors help the cover stand out more but won’t overwhelm you visually that you skip right over it.

The Story

Entanglement gave off a similar vibe to Neuromancer by William Gibson in the sense that you will be moving between reality and digital worlds, and the characters can’t trust which is which. I got hooked within the first few pages where Cay gets stuck inside that turmoil of insanity versus someone switching out his life partner. From there, Leonova does a great job at balancing backstory, current events, and time management. I felt like I learned about the characters and their world in the first chapter so that when a new POV got introduced, I didn’t end up world-shocked. I enjoyed the balance between nature and technology in this story as it takes the battle between both to supernatural levels.

The Conclusion

Get ready for a suspense-filled Sci-Fi novel with Entanglement by Alina Leonova; if you liked William Gibsons Neuromancer, then you’ll love this book too! You’ll find yourself attached to Cay as he struggles to figure out what changed with his partner as he runs away to a black market company for a new life. Get ready to leave Earth and explore a new world with new concepts. Then ask yourself, what would you do if you woke up next to a partner who seems to be replaced by a duplicate?

As always, stay fresh, my nugs.

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