Myers Fiction July Newsletter


I apologize to my readers for my latest absence. Between starting a new job and the arduous process of moving, I found little time to productively write and post. I look forward to writing more and posting more. I also apologize to the indie authors whose books I’ve read but haven’t posted the reviews. I want to make sure I give honest and quality reviews. I look forward to sharing fictional worlds with everyone again. 

What to expect over the next few months: 

The Dark Specter storyline will reach its conclusion just before October. Thank you to those who have read and supported me in that storyline. I’m excited to announce another Halloween special! The Exhibit occurs a year after the events of Thank You For Your Donation with Ben and Officer Braxton Lyle will be a larger portion of the story. Keep watching for details and announcements leading up to the special. 

Reading Recommendations: 

If your goal is to read one book this month then I would highly recommend The Ark by Patrick S. Tomlinson. This is a great sci-fi storyline with some pretty fun characters. Go explore a future society that has only known life on the Ark with Sports Hero turned detective, Bryan Benson. A simple missing crew member turns into the promise of complete annihilation as Bryan Benson hunts for the truth. Check it out here, or wherever you buy books.

Tips for Writing: 

If you’re on your first or thirtieth novel, one thing remains true, READ WHAT YOU WRITE. If possible, read your work aloud. It will help you catch grammatical errors before you send your work to an editor. Also, have someone else you trust give honest feedback read your works. Your mind is most likely already creating the world beyond the words on the paper, so your reader may be missing out on details without you realizing it. 

Thank you for reading Myers Fiction. And, as always, stay fresh my nugs!

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