A Myers Fiction Review: The Takings by Sandie Will

BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front) 

The Takings is a psychological thriller that will leave you angry but satisfied as a reader.


I enjoyed this book, mostly due to the main character, Adrian, who has a story that will make you fall in love with him. While the other characters, Jeremy and Lorelei, fell flat and didn’t build a ton of sympathy from me. I loved the villain in the story. I think the background to the creation of that character creates the validity behind the story. I would recommend this for age groups from young adults to adults, though I wouldn’t read it to Timmy or Lucy for a bedtime story. I think that Sandie Will has the makings of a great Author and look forward to reading more books from her. I hope that anyone who reads this review and buys the book will enjoy it as much as I did!

Comments on the Craft: The villain of the story is well rounded, and the 3rd person omniscient offers a lot of information to keep the readers on the edge of their seats. Part of the beauty in keeping the story in the present tense is that it doesn’t drown out the pertinent information with past tense observations. I think it’s an excellent call to write psychological thrillers in the present tense to maintain the suspense.

As always, stay fresh my nugs! Support your Indie Authors and one day you may be able to say you knew them before they became a household name!

3 thoughts on “A Myers Fiction Review: The Takings by Sandie Will

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