Myers Fiction September Newsletter


The episodes for the Halloween Special The Exhibit are dripping onto the page nicely. I can’t wait to share the continued stories of Benjamin, Officer Braxton Lyle, and Cass Lawrence A.K.A. The Artist. Readers of The Artist short stories, The Exhibit takes place between The Boy and an Actor and The Artist and an Officer. But for those of you who haven’t read the stories, this should give you enough of a backstory behind Cass Lawrence to understand the basics. Also, I’ve locked down some good writing routines and am working my way through Extoria once more to have a final draft ready by early next year. Thank you to my readers and Beta Readers for your patience and continued support in this project. 

What’s in Store for September?

The Day the Earth Went Dark will reach its explosive conclusion this month! Thank you to the readers who have followed every episode. I’m excited to announce the book reviews for two Authors that I love for different reasons. Sandie Will is releasing her newest book, The Replacings, a follow-on novel to The Takingsthis Saturday, September 4, 2021. Watch your emails on Saturday for a Myers Fiction Book Review on the fantastic continuation of Wyatt’s story after initially being kidnapped by Adrian. It’s coming out just in time for the horror/thriller season, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. The other Author is a good friend of mine that survived college up at USU with me. He’d told me about the project back then, and I’m excited to announce and review his debut novel, A Whisper of Wind by Aaron Scott Wickel, a Young Adult Sci-fi/Fantasy novel. I’m in the middle of reading this one, so everyone will have to wait until September 25, 2021, the release date of A Whisper of Wind, to hear what I think. Don’t forget to follow my Instagram,, for daily motivation, writing tips, memery, and all things Myers Fiction related. 

Questions for the Readers

I wanted to reach out to my readers and get some feedback. I would love to increase my interaction with everyone.

What storyline was your favorite in the past years? The Practice of Susbandry, Thank You for Your Donation,or The Day the Earth Went Dark.

What drives you to read?

What makes a good book, in your opinion?

I would love to feature some of your answers in a future blog post, social media post, or podcast. 

Thank You

I always appreciate all of my readers, especially my poor family, who listens to me ramble ideas, revelations, and concepts nearly incessantly. I hope to continue to provide fun, terrifying, and happy stories. Thank you for being a reader of Myers Fiction. As always, stay fresh, my nugs!

My favorite Memes from this month:

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