Happy Easter from Myers Fiction

Today I thought I’d talk to my readers about Easter Eggs. Not the ones that come from the bunnies, but the ones that often come up in the topics of movies. For those of you who don’t know, Easter Eggs are items, lines, or images from other films that appear throughout the movie from the same company. A lot of Disney/Pixar movies have this where images that look a lot similar to the main characters of their other movies appear in the background of the current film you’re watching. Marvel is known for doing this as well. If you google the topics Marvel Easter Eggs, or Disney Easter Eggs, you can see a lot of results.

Why do People Care about Easter Eggs?

For a lot of die-hard fans, it becomes a challenge to spot and rule out any possible Easter Eggs in the movies. Often, debates occur over the significance of an Easter Egg within the Movie. It also seems like a way for fans to show that they genuinely paid attention to the detail put in by the movie makers. Then it could also lead to the next part of the appeal of an Easter Egg comes from the possibility of revealing future storylines and movies for viewers to look forward too. Often theories about the plots of future movies are debated at length due to small details in previous movies until the Feature Film is released. Usually a series of Easter Eggs from Movies, TV Shows, and Video Games can be combined to piece together a better idea of the intended path.

Do Easter Eggs Appear in Literature?

Yes, they do! The visual arts are not the only creators that can add a lot of excitement with a small item. Many stories like Lord of the Rings, or Stephen King novels carry Easter Eggs through their book covers, characters in their stories, or items that appear between books. MentalFloss explores eight times the Literary world has done this here. Enjoy. Obviously, there are more instances than just those eight, so if you see them, please feel free to share them in the comment section!

Final Notes

I know that with only one book on the Market at this moment, I can’t offer much in Easter Eggs for my readers. Still, as more novels are release, you will see them throughout my writings. I encourage you to call them out, some are even in my blog already, and run your own theories of where my storylines might lead next. I hope that everyone has a wonderful Easter Sunday and enjoy those Easter Eggs. Stay fresh my nugs!

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