A Myers Fiction Review: The Replacings by Sandie Will

First of all, wow, after the first story, The Takings, with Adrian and Wyatt, I didn’t know if Sandie Will could pull it off again with the same characters, but she did and then some. Sandie Will masters story pacing in The Replacings as she ramps up your emotions until they pique and then gives you just long enough rest before taking you through another emotional rollercoaster. The Replacings is the psychological thriller to read this year! Within the first few pages, you’ll be sucked into the storyline and emotionally tied to one, if not multiple, characters. 

The Cover:

If you haven’t read The Takings, first I recommend that, and two, the cover won’t be as clear until you’re further in the story. The train in the background is essential. Our hooded figure without the face gives a proper sense of foreboding as the storm rumbles in the skies above. It’s a good use of dark color schemes and large story element objects in the cover to give an overall feel for the book.

The Story:

The Replacings shoots the reader ahead seven years from the last time they saw Wyatt, who is now successfully integrated into the family as Jonathan. Or so Adrian thinks. After the seven years with Adrian, we find these two on what should be their final outing to get the last sister for Adrian’s family. As with any family, a new member challenges the established family dynamic. Madison, Adrian’s latest victim, isn’t such a fan of being kidnapped and brought into the family as Adrian hoped. Will Madison ruin any hope of Adrian fulfilling his dream to replace his family? Are seven years with Adrian enough to brainwash Wyatt/Jonathan into subservience? Find out in The Replacings!


The Replacings is an excellent option if you’re looking for a fast-paced, page-turning, psychological thriller. I loved The Takings and think The Replacings is a phenomenal follow-up in the storyline. As with The Takings, Sandie Will leaves you on the edge of your seat on the last page, making you turn it in horror to see the back cover. No story truly ends, but Sandie Will ends The Replacings in the perfect spot for a psychological thriller. 

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