A Myers Fiction Review: Shadow City by Anna Mocikat


A mysterious boy found on the outskirts of the inhabitable Zone left behind after the nuclear war. From Vampires to other mysterious supernatural beings called the Dark Ones, this mysterious boy finds himself under the awe and endless scrutinizing from the last survivors on Earth. Colton, our mysterious boy, finds strange friends among scavengers, vampires, and cyborgs. Mocikat combines a love story amidst the action and horror brought on by the Zone’s enemies, settled in the heart of Los Angeles. Mocikat commands suspense throughout the entirety of Shadow City. If you love a great horror/thriller with supernatural elements, then this is the book for you. Get lost in the Zone and the dangers that surround it.

Book Cover:

            I loved that the figure on the cover isn’t one of the first characters you meet. I loved the character’s personality when I finally did meet her. The scenery in the background gives the setting to the reader before they even open the book! The unmistakable Hollywood sign and indescribable buildings in the distance show a good representation of the cover character’s separation from Zone society. The dark blue and black color scheme gives off a dystopian feel. I love the cover, and it’s one of the primary reasons I started to look at the book.

The Story:

            You’ll find yourself sucked into the lives of all Point of View characters. Mocikat does a fantastic job of creating and then developing characters. You learn to love and care for each character, even some of the bad ones. The story’s sequential progress allows for a pleasant read with the most history given through dialogue or flashbacks. Mocikat pays excellent attention to the effects of environment and radiological poisoning on the inhabitants of the world. I appreciated the respect of the vampire society and how she made the necessity of balance important throughout the novel.


            If we graded this book by nuggets in a bag, I’d give you all ten nuggets. I enjoyed Shadow City by Anna Mocikat and hope that you do too. Fall in love with a supernatural Dystopian world. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series. 

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