Extoria Re-write Update

Hey my nugs,

I appreciate everyone’s patience with me as I work on the re-write of my first novel Extoria. I am currently in the cleanup phase to send a clean product to my beta readers. I wanted to talk to my readers to give you an idea of what to expect from the re-write.

Changes to the Storyline:

The main storyline remains the same, Bo and Jared taken to Extoria to battle in the Xeno Tournament. Yet, once you get your hands on the new book, you will find that Lucran isn’t completely acting on his own. He has a new counterpart, Oditris, who seems to be helping Lucran in his quest to take over Extoria. You’ll see that Lucran knew Bo’s father, Dave, long before the day he came to kidnap the boys. Also, I think you all will appreciate the new end goal of the MENT Maze. It adds an entirely new dynamic to the story that, I feel, better develops the characters.

Changes to the setting:

I tried hard this time around to build a better image of Extoria and the areas around it. You’ll find Tartarean Creatures ranging from mild and harmless to massive and deadly animals mutated to resist the increased gravity on Extoria. The term Tartarean is based on the Greek mythology term Tartarus or meaning hellish and infernal. Tartarean is also used to describe the zones around the habitable zones. Please see the map below to get an idea of what the land looks like in Extoriana. Oh, yeah, Extoriana is the title of the planet that Extoria, and future stories, will exist. 

Changes to Governing Bodies:

You’ll get your first introduction to the Compound Division. A multiverse governing force that controls the Portal systems used to move in-between worlds and universes. You don’t see a ton of them in the Extoria re-write, but they will play significant roles in books two and three of the To Resist Fear Trilogy. 


Thank you to those of you who already bought and read Extoria, and I hope you enjoyed it. Please keep your eyes out for when I release the re-write and subsequent novels. I won’t ever pull a book again after this, so thank you for allowing me this growing pain in my first novel. I will also be re-introducing my blog entries for The Day the Earth Went Dark starting next week. So if you need some Sci-fi in these difficult times to take you out of our chaotic world, check out that storyline. As always, stay fresh, my nugs! 

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