A Myers Fiction Review: Collateral Damage by Adam S. Furman

First Look:

When all hell breaks loose in the city as a Kaiju destroys any unprotected buildings as they fight the city’s protectors, DeShawn can only think of one thing, saving his child. All the while, DeShawn is fighting for the child’s custody that he lost too long ago. Evil gangs of bandits and your standard city gangs are both the answer and the dangerous trek issue across the locked-down city. 

The Cover:

This cover is fantastic because it holds nothing back. You know two of the greatest threats before you even open the book. The night setting allows an air mystery to show that the book cover doesn’t reveal all. While it doesn’t let you get a full view of the Kaiju, it does give you enough of an image that the story can complete the rest. 

The Story:

Kaijus, giant robots, and special shelters to defend civilians that don’t seem to have quite enough room, that’s just a taste of what you’ll get from this book. The hell you will travel through with DeShawn will keep you turning pages as the first half of the story is dialogue-driven. Watch what people say and less what they do. Sometimes that gives more information. Then get ready to slow it down and stress it out with DeShawn as he fights across the city and shows the danger doesn’t exist in monsters alone. I thought this was a great novel because it created a father figure who cared for their kid and tried his best to gain partial custody. While the story is filled with badass action, it carries another message with it. Though sometimes heavy-handed, the theme of what it means to be a good parent carries the story along. If you’re looking for a good Sci-Fi Kaiju thriller with a touch of the sentimental, then Collateral Damage is the book for you. I rate this story as a 4/5. I enjoyed this book, and I hope you do too!

If you’re not familiar with the history of Kaiju’s, then I recommend checking out this page, where I found a lot of information I didn’t understand before. And if you’re interested in where to find this book, click on the link here and you’ll find yourself one click away from your next read.

As always, stay fresh my Nugs!

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