A Myers Fiction Review: The Caging at Deadwater Manor by Sandie Will

What’s up my nugs? I hope everyone is doing well as the dredges of winter are carrying most of us into February. Let’s start off today’s post with a thank you to Sandie Will for reaching out to me for one of her books, and a fresh experience for her readers, audiobooks. I can’t tell you how many times people told me they would read my book (available at the time) if only it were an audiobook. Yet reading purists believe that in order to read it must be from the new book smelling pages of hardback or paperback. I don’t know what camp you pitch your tent in, but The Caging at Deadwater Manor by Sandie Will is a great choice for either.


Making The Caging at Deadwater Manor an Audiobook was a brilliant move for the story, and I think it sets a tone for how all suspense/psychological thriller novels should be read. Naomi Rose-Mock was the narrator for The Caging at Deadwater Manor and I think she was a perfect choice for the character and tone of the book. The right voice can transcend your book from the page to audio, and Naomi did just that. If you’ve seen my other reviews of Sandie Will’s work, you’ll already know I’m a fan of hers, but hearing a voice to the story just gives it the extra power and tension to keep you listening late at night. 

The story:

On her 18th birthday, only Jeannie’s friends and brother seem to care about her. Ever since her mother died four years prior, Jeannie’s father has treated her so poorly that it’s borderline abuse. When her father’s surprise present turns out a mode to her demise, Jeannie finds herself at Deadwater Manor, a psychiatric hospital with an unsavory past. With endless psychiatric treatments, corrupt hospital staff, and a struggle to leave, Jeannie finds herself trapped in a worst nightmare scenario. Live or die, Jeannie will never be the same after she arrives.

The Cover:

I should say covers. Like any book out there, you’re more than likely going to see multiple covers as the years go on. It freshens up the look, adds some new layers, or creates new images to associate with the storyline. The Caging at Deadwater Manor first published on March 19, 2017. The first cover shows a girl huddled against a curtain in a cage, something readers will discover as key features in the story. It sets a great tone for what the reader can expect. The second cover has Jeannie’s character from the neck up set against shadows. I think this is a great way to show the hidden parts of the story, and the only clear path for the reader is Jeannie. You still get the shadows of the bars, but this cover implies more than it shows. I couldn’t say that either cover is truly better. I think the updated cover is great for the audiobook though. 


The Caging at Deadwater Manor is Sandie Will’s first novel and sets an amazing tone for her writing. If you have read none of her works before, this would be a perfect starting point. One thing I always rave about with Sandie’s works is her pacing, and The Caging at Deadwater Manor shows her expert control of the story. If you want a great psychological thriller to sit at home and read into the evening, The Caging at Deadwater Manor is it. You’ll connect with Jeannie and her struggle to survive a literal mad-house, doing whatever she can to make it more bearable. But be prepared for the twists and turns, because it’s a crazy ride. I would highly recommend The Caging at Deadwater Manor to anyone who enjoys psychological thrillers and is looking for a new amazing author to read. Also, as a final note, my mom read and loved this book as well. So if for any other reason, buy because it’s mom approved.

Find the paperback, kindle, and audio versions on Amazon.

Or visit her author website.

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