Myers Fiction Review: Dark Ocean by Patrick Carpenter

First look:

Non-blood related sister and brother duo, Alex and Addy, are your standard college-aged kids in a Sci-fi/Fantasy dystopian future of the Earth timeline. After an accidental revelation of powers brings the two into the watchful gaze of an elite organization. One of them is normal in all except for her past. Addy has to fight to prove her worthiness to become a member of the Elitest defense group known as Prism, all while fighting a frightening past and trying to keep her brother alive. Tie it all together with an evil warlord only known as “The Fox,” and you have a story that you won’t want to put down. 

The Cover:

I love the color scheme. Beyond the fact that my favorite color is blue, I think the balance of hues shows the right contrast to get the reader ready for the story that’s about to unfold. The added texture to the title text also helps it stand out a little more by offering some depth without going overboard. It shows the story’s central perspective will come from the female character, Addy, and the city where the second half of the story takes place. A tremendous eye-catching cover for the sci-fi reader. 

The Story:

            You’ll find yourself wanting to become the next Sci-fi resident Bad Ass #1, as you learn about the ancient fighting techniques of the elite Prism soldiers. Find a connection with a brother-sister duo that don’t fall into a cliché relationship but still feel like real people. The underlying storylines all add up in the end for this explosive and action-filled Sci-fi tale. I love Dark Ocean because it can go deeper into the human soul while keeping the excitement up. All in all, I can’t help but look forward to more books written by Patrick Carpenter. I would call this a must-read for any Sci-fi fan. I will happily give this book a 5/5 review and recommend it to all my friends, enjoy.

If you’re interested in reading Dark Ocean by Patrick Carpenter, click here.

As always, stay fresh my nugs.

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