Myers Fiction February Newsletter 2021

What to Read this month:

1. Fablehaven book 3:Grip of the Shadow Plague by Brandon Mull

2.Own the Day, Own Your Life by Aubrey Marcus

3. Making Shapely Fiction by Jerome Stern

4. Black Hearts by Nicol Nightengale

Posts for February 2021:

1. February Newsletter 01/31/21

2. The Day the Earth Went Dark Episode 8 02/07/21

3. Myers Fiction Review: Collateral Damage: A Science Fiction Thriller by Adam S. Furman 02/14/21

4.The Day the Earth Went Dark Episode 9 02/21/21

Storyline Updates:

1. Extoria Re-write: Beta Readers have sent in feedback and I’m working on reading through all feedback.

2. Extoria Book 2 Rough Draft is near completion at 120,000 words. 

3. Extoria Mainline Series has turned into a four book series due to recent discoveries. 

4. Once Book 2 RD(Rough Draft) is complete, I will be focusing on short stories to gain more of a presence in the writing community. 

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