January 2021 Myers Fiction Newsletter

If the picture doesn’t load below, I have placed the text of the Newsletter afterward.

Reading Schedule:

1. Fablehaven Book 2: Rise of the Evening Star by Brandon Mull

2.Daring Greatly by BrenÈ Brown

3. Write Great Fiction: Revision & Editing by James Scott Bell

4. Dark City by Anna Mocikat (Indie Author)

Post Schedule:

1. January Newsletter 01/03/21

2. The Day the Earth Went Dark Episode Six: Death Unleashed. 01/10/21

3. Book Review for Dark Ocean by Patrick Carpenter. 01/17/21

4. The Day the Earth Went Dark Episode Seven: A Foul Meeting. 01/24/21

January’s theme:

Goal setting and getting started on writing. Follow me on social media platforms to keep up.

Indie Author Book Reviews:

I have availability for eight more Indie Author books in my reading schedule. If you or someone you know has a book that wants a review, please contact me through my contact page on WordPress.

Thank you to Everyone who is a Myers Fiction Reader. I look forward to bringing you more stories throughout 2021. As always, stay fresh, my nugs!

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