Why do I push reviews so much?

I know that I share a lot about reviews on my social media a lot. I will continue to do so until the end of my writing career. It could be viewed as a selling tactic, a way to guilt people into writing reviews, or just a post of self-satisfaction, but I want to give some clarity.

Appreciation of Support

The first reason I share screenshots of my reviews, and tag people if I know them, is because I appreciate these reviews. I love feedback, and thanks to my time in the military, I have some thick skin. It takes time out of people’s day to write a review. While some reviews are a paragraph or more, and others are a few sentences, it still impacts me. I couldn’t develop myself as a writer without the reviews. So I appreciate the time that readers give me when they write a review.


While I am not controlled by the reviews, it does help bring to light some of my deficiencies. For this first book, I know that I rushed into publishing it, but I don’t think I had the right mindset to do otherwise. So it helps me to know how to approach future books. For those who can’t tell, I’m new at writing books. I don’t have all the answers yet. So thank you for helping me find ways to improve my writing.

It Helps with Sales!

Not many people know this outside of the writing community, but the number of reviews you have impacts on how many people see your book on Amazon. It seems silly, but people trust books, and other products, with the most reviews. I know that I personally will trust a product with more reviews and a lower rating than a product with only a few reviews and a higher rating. See the image below:

I appreciate all of my readers, and you don’t have to write a review for me to recognize you. Thank you to everyone who follows me. Stay fresh my nugs!

An LGR post.

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