2019 in the Bag

January offers a unique opportunity for reflection on the previous year. I believe that we should always work to reflect on the past so that we can learn from it, but all of America gets into a similar mindset as they look at where they were last year, and then where they want to go this year. 2019 also offers a less common opportunity because it is the end of a decade. For me, it was the greatest transition in my life. So please enjoy this reflection. And if I didn’t learn anything from my year or decade, you might take some lessons I should have learned. I promise that I only intend to hit the big events and not to waste your time.

Let’s focus on 2019. I started off the year of 2019. I spent the first hours of 2029 writing and bailing on one of my coworkers New Year’s Eve festivity. I just couldn’t pull myself to party last year. While I pissed them off, I did start my mindset to get to the point where I could publish my first novel.

Next, I started dating my, now, wife. While I knew I was breaking the rules in starting to date her, I didn’t know what would happen. (For those who don’t know my company doesn’t allow dating between certain positions. Since I fell in her direct chain of command I couldn’t date her.) I stepped down from my management position, and I must say I don’t regret that at all. I knew that she was different from the other girls I dated, and I could just feel that I’d marry her. Which I did on December 28, 2019.

In March Katie heavily encouraged me to publish my first novel. I’d received a couple of rejection letters, but I wanted to start my writing career and be able to tell people that I was a published writer. Many may not think there is any value in self-published books, but plenty of authors begin that way before someone with the means to support them finds the Author. I have to say it has been one of the many great things I couldn’t have done without Katie.

The entire year I dealt with the same pain that I’d dealt with since I broke my pelvis years back. I got injured to the point where I couldn’t go into work for a week. The injury pushed me to go into the doctors and find out what was wrong. After a few weeks, I had a diagnosis, Ankylosing Spondylitis. The disease is autoimmune in nature. My body essentially attacks my back joints continuously and will, in severe cases, fuse my spine to the point where I can’t bend. I’ve now gained an understanding of some of the pain and struggles that my mother goes through every day of her own life. Chronic pain is no joke, and I can’t believe how different I am when I’m not hurting.

This takes us to the final blow in my year. I am on my way out of the Army due to a medical separation. Due to my condition, I cannot fulfill my duties as a soldier and would put others in jeopardy if I stayed in. I was in the Army for almost ten years when I received this news. Many of my Army buddies thought I’d be jumping for joy, shit so did I, but nobody really prepares you for leaving the service.

As I mentioned earlier, my year ended on a good note! I got married to my wife Katie and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us. I may have had some struggles, but life needs to give you the momentum to reach surpass your potential somehow.

As always, stay fresh my nugs. Now to get all the fries in the bag this year of 2020!

An LGR post.