Practice of Susbandry Novel Update

What’s up, my nugs?

I’m happy to inform everyone that I completed the First Draft for the Practice of Susbandry Novel (Working title)!

I’ve enjoyed writing this novel because it ties in three storylines that I didn’t know would come together. The storylines include:

The Practice of Susbandry

Originally started as a solo story in blog form. I didn’t realize at the time that Brady and his mother, often referred to as She, would enter into the world of some other stories I started. I talk about the background behind this story in “Concept of The Practice of Susbandry,” so go get more details there!

The Employer

The Employer is a character that I created when I needed a reason why Cass Lawrence, a serial killer, broke out of jail in a short story. He runs an underground operation that takes in young homeless boys and trains them for various jobs. The Employer is a title, and those below him are Employees. The titles are simple, but it helps him clarify the line between himself and his subordinates, much like ranks show superiority in the military.

The Artist

I created The Artist based on an old skit used in the haunted house I use to work at in Syracuse, Utah. I use an alternate city name of Eos, similar to how Stephen King uses Derry, Maine, for the setting of his own stories. The concept of the blood room was three brothers that worked together as artists. I must thank my friends and blood room brothers, Blaine Wanner and Matt Milliner, for the inspiration.


Check out the Practice of Susbandry page under the Storylines tab for more information! I’m excited to have another storyline completed and a promise of another novel to come. The Practice of Susbandry Novel will be a horror/thriller novel. I want to make sure that I don’t get sucked into Young Adult novels, though I enjoy them as much as I do regular fiction. For the next few months, I will be working on Assimilation Fault, the story I began in NaNoWriMo last November.