Let the Xeno Begin

What’s up my nugs? In honor of Super Bowl LIV, I thought I would talk about the Xenos from my book Extoria.

Concept of the Xeno:

I hope to dig into this without giving away any major storyline points. The Xenos are battles fought in the digital realm in the world of Extoria. All of the teams choose their own Xeno Uniforms, or costumes, to conduct their battles in. From the beginning of the book the need for in-sync movement of the team members is high. Much like football, and each player knows their role, the Xeno Leader is in charge of training their teammates to know how to battle. The synchronicity means that the Xeno Leader can make the necessary movements without worry of missteps. As in reality, not all plans survive the first contact, and sometimes improvisation is required. The leaders have the leeway to move out of sync with the rest of the Xeno in order to win the Xeno Battle.

The Goal of the Xeno:

Xeno Teams battle in a tiered system, much like our sports world brackets. The battles are not planned though, they occur by chance. The Xeno Teams work across the digital battleground to find their enemies and then defeat the opposing Xeno Team. In order to win the Xeno Battle, the entire Xeno Team must be defeated, or the Xeno Leader must fall.

How do the Xeno Teams Battle:

There are two weapons used by the contestants are staff and a knife. While they aren’t plain out called that in the story, due to memory barriers, the items work as such. The Staff and Knife of the Xeno Leader glow to signify the goal of the battle.

So What’s the Point?

The winners of the Xeno Championship in the novel timeframe get to meet with Lucran and have a grand feast. Before those events (Not noted in the book) the winners receive money and potential in living on one of the outer rings of Extoria. You could compare this to what the winners of the Hunger Games received. So go enjoy Super Bowl LIV and then wind down with a little extra knowledge behind the Xenos and the world of Extoria.

Stay fresh my nugs.

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