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Hey, my nugs, thank you for your continued support and all the new readers/writers who have joined this month! This last month I began my work on a Fantasy book series! As you may have noticed from the post earlier this week, I’m trying an alternative approach of writing a novel, so I’m not sure if this will be a method that works, or I will keep, but it’s been fun so far. I’ve started multiple chapters and finished the rough draft to one. I’ve also started a few short stories to get my writing out in literary magazines. I hope you enjoyed the Writing Process Check-In and The Writing Chronlogical vs Freewriting your novel posts. Please let me know if you have any feedback or questions about those. Did you check out Trouble in the Floating City by Micheal Ciccarelli-Walsh? There was some awesome traffic on the review, so don’t miss out if you haven’t read it yet!

What to Expect:

You can look forward to the following topics for Writing Tips and other articles this month: Gift Ideas for Writers, Writing During the Holidays, Lessons From Holiday Stories, and Setting New Year Resolutions/Goals. I’m hoping we can all tie the end of this year up with a nice bow and get ready for 2023, which is sadly just a month away. If there’s anything in particular you’d like addressed in the articles above, let me know!

If you’ve missed it, don’t forget that Avatar: The Way of Water releases December 16, 2022. With the original Avatar becoming the focus of many world-building articles and studies, it may be an important film to gain some insight from, whether good or bad. There’s always the fear that a sequel, especially a 3-hour one, will fall short. So go enjoy the film, but try to learn from it as well.

As far as new books go this month, I have read none of the authors that are releasing, but let me know if there are any you’re excited about.


Indiecember is a phrase coined by Megan Tennant and is a reading challenge for independently published books. You can find her link here with the latest bingo board and more information. This is a great way to find a new author in a genre you love and find the great novels the Indie world offers. To take part in this challenge, all you need to do is post a review of the book on your favorite site and fill out the Indiecember bingo card she put out from 2019 to 2021. So if you want to find some ideas to add diversity to your Indie reading, check out her Instagram, or search Indiecember reading Challenge. When I first thought of writing this post, I didn’t realize that she’d stopped, or I’m unable to find any new material, but I still think it’s valuable to look up.

If you want to read some of the same Indie Authors I have, check out some of my book reviews. If you know of, or are an Indie Author yourself, drop a link or comment and we’ll get you added to the list!

The reason I love the concept of Indiecember is that it focuses on reviewing the books you read. And those reviews make a vast difference for Indie Authors. The benefit of having a fellow author review your Indie novel is that they can understand the part of writing craft you exemplify. Voracious readers offer insights that someone who doesn’t have the craft knowledge may offer. Getting reviews from both sides of the house can make the difference in how much further potential readers dive into your books. So ask friends, family, and strangers to review your book if they’ve read it. Share those reviews on social media to not only promote yourself, but your readers as well.

Thank you all for reading this month’s newsletter. Check in later this week for the Top Six Last Minute Gifts for Writers. I hope you find and share some amazing Indie Authors this month! As always, keep writing, keep learning, and stay fresh, my nugs!

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