Myers Fiction September Newsletter


From August 29th to September 2nd, I took part in the ProWritingAid Science Fiction Week. It was a great week of interviews, writing workshops, and other activities that I hadn’t been able to experience before. I’m still rewatching videos I missed because my wife and I took a little staycation this week. But my favorite so far was the Andy Weir interview I mentioned in my Writing Tips post on Tuesday. Thank you to everyone who reads and likes the writing tips posts every week.

What to Expect from September:

This month I’ll post the last episodes of the Frozen in Line serial fiction story. I hope everyone has enjoyed this sci-fi/supernatural adventure. If you’ve missed the last few episodes, or need to start up at a certain point, go to the main Frozen in Line page from the Storyline dropdown menu, or click here. The writing posts on character creation will close up next week with a post similar to my world-building closeout. You’ll find generalizations of all the topics covered to act as a guide in your character creation. I’ll start posts regarding first drafts and find some ways to begin.

I want to hear from you:

I’d love to improve my website and make it more user friendly. Please email me or comment on this post for anything you’d like to see added or removed. I’m always learning more to make my posts and website easier to use and more enjoyable for you.

Also, writers, what are some things you struggle with in the first draft? Or are you stuck at a certain point in your first drafts?

Useful Sites and Books from ProWritingAid’s Sci-fi Week:

World Anvil: This site is magnificent for World-Building in writing or your D&D groups. There is a paid and free version I’ll have to explore before I give you more on the site. Check it out for yourself!

Inkarnate: This is a map generator for your fantasy/sci-fi world. It has a simple and user friendly set-up before you customize your world map. This also has a free and paid version. Check it out here.

Blueprint for a Book by Jennie Nash: This is a book to help you work with a 3 page format after the first draft before you end up revising the full novel multiple times. Find the book here.

As I review more videos, I may add to the list above, so stay tuned.

Thank you to everyone for your continued support. Remember, keep writing, keep reading, and stay fresh, my nugs.

October Newsletter

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