Myers Fiction December Newsletter


The ongoing editing of the Extoria Rewrite is still chugging along. I’m still working on cleaning up the chapters and trying to lock down that deviant of a first chapter. For those who stayed current with my posts, you’ll see that we are two episodes deep into Frozen in Line. It’s been great to see some of you already thoroughly enjoying the new storyline. If you haven’t had the chance to enjoy it yet, please click here to read now. 

What’s in store for December?

Frozen in Line will continue with two more episodes. I want to do something for the readers and writers who follow me, so if you have or know of a book that could use some extra promotion this month, please let me know. With Christmas right around the corner, it’s the time of year to give gifts, and what’s the best possible gifts for the writer in your life?  

The Best Gift for any Writer:

Reviews. If you’re a writer, you know how important reviews are to your book’s success. If you have a writer in your life, then give them the gift of a book review. Four or five stars are preferred. But don’t just give them an excellent review because they’re in your life. Be gently honest with them. Writers may put on a strong front, but putting our books out into the world is like laying bare our chests if you want to go old school, but they are representations of ourselves. When you take a battering ram to your favorite writer’s novel, it’s like you’re using it on them. So critique, but remain respectful. You may never understand how much time that writer put into their book, even if you are a fellow writer. If your favorite author doesn’t have a book out, share their blogs, check out their websites, and give them writing time. Sometimes the most simple things help us the most.

December Writing Tip: Writing Book Reviews

Book reviews can range from one word, “Awesome”, to novel length reviews where every word selection is scrutinized. I will leave an example of that out. If you really want to see one, look up your favorite novel on GoodReads. And don’t forget, you can just select a star rating for books and that’s it, boom, bam, bang, you left a one to five star review. So you want to give the gift of a book review this holiday season? Here are some tips to leave your favorite, or newly discovered author a book review to keep them writing.

  1. Start off with a summary in your own words. Try to keep this part brief as most people will read the summary offered on the website they’re purchasing the book from. But a quick personal summary helps show that you’ve read the book and not just the summary.
  2. You can comment on what drew you to the book at first. Often, if they’re looking at the book reviews, something about the novel caught their attention. Most of the time, it was something that impressed you as well. Creating that sense of agreement on a topic helps potential readers believe they will like the book as well. I often review the book cover in this portion because it’s what draws new readers into your fold. 
  3. Now write your likes and dislikes of the novel. There’re no hard and fast rules here, but try to remain respectful. Don’t spoil the plot, or if you do, add a comment at the beginning of the review that it contains spoilers. I like to balance likes and dislikes because it shows a more genuine review. You won’t like every choice the author makes, even with ones you love, so be honest.
  4. Close with your recommendation. This will often lead to the title of your review if you’re reviewing on Amazon, or GoodReads. 

Good luck my nugs. Stay fresh. Write, because before you know it, you’ll be an Author of Tomorrow. 

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