Myers Fiction August Newsletter


I’ve got some exciting news; I’ve had not one, but two authors contact me with requests to read and review their stories before they release. You’ll get one this month and next month! I’ll post my review on the date of release, so keep your eyes open! Also, I mixed up my weeks and posted The Day the Earth Went Dark post on the day I should have released this newsletter. Well, you get it this week.

What to expect over the next few months: 

The Dark Specter storyline will reach its conclusion just before October. Thank you to those who have read and supported me in that storyline. The Exhibit will bring in a special guest that will be a main character from The Artist Series. Locked in an art exhibit, a group of patrons, including Ben and his new girlfriend, are ushered through strange artworks where their only chance of survival is to remain observant.

Reading Recommendations: 

If your goal is to read one book this month, I would highly recommend Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir for another great Sci-fi read. Join Ryland Grace lost in space on a last-ditch effort to save humanity from an invisible killer. Along the way, you’ll meet a strange character that you will fall in love with immediately. If you want to check this novel out, click here.

Tips for Writing: 

Don’t forget to round out your characters. One of the things that I feel I struggle with is developing three-dimensional characters. In other terms, I read my characters, and they don’t seem like real people. It’s something that I’ve started to work on this year, and I know that I’ll continue to work on it. One of the books I’d recommend if you feel like your characters fall flat is Creating Characters by Writers Digest Books. This book brings advice from many authors across all genres to give you advice on how to develop your characters.  

Thank you for reading Myers Fiction. And, as always, stay fresh, my nugs!

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