The Practice of Susbandry Concept

Today’s Goal

I wanted to take some time today and give you an understanding of where I got the idea to start this story. My dad actually gave me the idea, though he only told me a story about some people that lived nearby. It’s often said that reality is stranger than fiction, and I don’t think this story disagrees. First off, I want to make sure everyone understands that I am not trying to make fun of or belittle the lifestyle of these people. I don’t know what kind of relationship they have, but it is different than I’m used to. I think that love is love, no matter how you show it. I do not intend to insinuate anything; only take the information I received and turn it into a story.

The Non-Fiction Story

My dad observed a mother and son that seemed inseparable. They didn’t seem to leave or arrive at the complex without each other. Often, they hold hands as they walk to their identical jeeps. He didn’t clarify if they always drove separate or together. Not much here, but it doesn’t take much to create a story sometimes.

What I Took From The Story

I love it when parents and children can have close relationships. With the way the world is going these days, it’s not always easy to keep everyone happy. I wondered what would make the relationship between the two so close. So I started to play with ideas on how to create that scenario. In the first entry, it shows a dependency between mother and son, and then the story takes it from there.


I want you to be able to read the story and enjoy it, so I’ll stop there. If you liked today’s entry and want to see more like this, please let me know. If you didn’t like it, well, you still read to the end, so give me some feedback. Stay fresh my nugs.

A SL and PoS post.

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