Frozen in Line 10: Cavern Knowledge

The tunnel’s warmth caused Anthony’s mind drifted to the lost college student. I never checked for a name on the snowsuit. Anthony shuddered. The memory of the melted rot was too fresh. Something internal told Anthony that body didn’t belong to Donnie from Donavon’s University. Transported to this hell through a URL. Anthony chuckled.

Elida walked ahead, humming to herself and skipping and random intervals. She didn’t even seem to notice his laugh. After the first awkward conversation, Elida hadn’t spoken. Anytime Anthony asked about her life, she found a new unexplored tunnel. Each new tunnel made Elida scratch at a lump under her hair. In the eternal and dim green light, Anthony couldn’t see what irritated her.

“So what caves were you researching?” Anthony asked.


“The caves that brought you here?”

Elida’s laughter sounded hollow.

“Karst caves. They’re the least common where I’m from.”

“Isn’t another name for those solution caves?”

Elida stumbled and stopped. Her hand reached for the spot behind her head, then dropped.

“How did you know that?”

“I make lists for a living. Last year, I made a list of cave types after I found some cool pictures. Why were you looking for solution caves? So are eolian caves closer to you?”

The windswept caves appeared in deserts, someway to narrow his search. Elida shook her head.

“Glacier caves or ice caves, depending on the time of the year.”

Anthony tried to remember where an English speaker with an American accent would be close to glacier caves.

“You’re from Alaska.”

Elida checked left and right, then gave a single nod.

“I see what you’re doing. I don’t want to talk about home. Let’s find the exit.”

She projected her voice as if to let unseen listeners hear.

The green light grew brighter ahead. Did the tunnel shift? Anthony swore the cave curved left and not right moments before. A new sound distracted all of Anthony’s thoughts.

Atlas meowed.

A cat’s outline scampered down and around the bend. I’m coming for you, Atlas.

Anthony pushed past Elida and tried to run, but a slim hand grabbed his wrist. The momentum spun Anthony. How did she stop me? The look of terror in Elida’s eyes stopped Anthony’s resistance. Tears streamed down her face as it contorted to form words.

“They want you to go that way.”

Elida shrieked and collapsed, hands clasped to the back of her head.

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