Frozen in Line 5: Snow Walker

The frozen snow tore at Anthony’s skin like blades of ice, though it never cut through his clothes. Anthony stumbled over a hardened snowbank after a few steps. He rolled downhill and picked up speed. Unsure of what to do, Anthony pulled into a tight ball and tucked his head. The momentum sent Anthony left and right, but he couldn’t recognize the directional changes. All that register were the bounces and rolls. A sharp pain cut across Anthony’s ribs and he gasped. The cold air replaced any stored warmth. 

            A crack of wood, and rustle of branches, then the pain in Anthony’s ribs extended to his back. He couldn’t hold his tight ball anymore and his limbs stretched backward. The pain so sharp, Anthony’s vision blurred before he saw the bed of rocks and trees around him. I’ll never move again. Any breath left his body in wheezes, and Anthony’s head spun. The wind whistled through the tree branches and cooled his skin further. Anthony didn’t shiver. I must have frostbite by now. How to stay warm, though?

            Anthony had never gone through a survival course of any form, and his mind wasn’t operating at its usual speed. The pain in his back subsided, but the pang in his ribs pulsed against each breath. A strange sound came from somewhere nearby. All pain disappeared as Anthony recognized the meow. 


            The icy wind held the question in a pitiful whisper, but the cat meowed once more. Anthony turned over and tried to ignore the pain to search for Atlas. Next to a rock formation was a bulge in the snow that almost looked like it moved. Anthony crawled forward until he grew light-headed and then paused. The snow on top of the mound shifted again.

            Anthony fought the pins and needles forming in his skin as he neared the mound. Maybe this is a nightmare. I’ll wake up if I can reach Atlas. Blood red skin shone against the snow as Anthony dug forward. The final meow lasted less than a second. The pile of snow didn’t move anymore and when Anthony thrust his hand in, he couldn’t feel anything. 


            Anthony dug. He ignored the pain of scraping snow and ice, ignored the frigid temperatures, and ignored any worry of death. Ice covered the top layer of snow, but once he broke through, the rest remained powder. The snow rose around him and the wind disappeared. Pins and needles flooded his body the longer he dug. Voices surrounded Anthony.

            “You are, you are, you are, don’t let me hear you…”

            The voices disappeared when Anthony turned. When he faced forward again, the ringtone returned.

            “Ain’t nothing but a heartache…”

            With numb hands, Anthony found his phone in his pocket and saw he had one bar. The caller ID said unknown. I don’t even care if it’s a scammer. They couldn’t be so cold to leave me stranded on a mountain. 

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