Frozen in Line 4: Mt. Everest and the Unclimbed

After some further non-confrontational research into Donnie’s life and calls to the authorities, Anthony feels comfortable with his blog post Mt. Everest and the Unclimbed. The title’s not the best, but I’ve spent too long on research. I may get noticed after this one. After each research-intensive blog post, unlike his Pokémon post from a week ago, Anthony submitted it to RealBlogs™. If accepted, Anthony’s post could reach a million views. Only rejection letters so far. With that thought, Anthony emailed with attachment to RealBlogs™ and posted his blog. 

“With any luck, they will give me more than their copy and paste response this time. Atlas, will you join me for this momentous occasion?”

Atlas mewed and waved his tail as he sat in his tree. Anthony got Atlas to join him about twenty-five percent of the time. A chill set into Anthony’s fingers when he clicked the link from the original email. Atlas stood and arched his back, jaws open. Anthony didn’t notice since he focused on holding his hands tight on the fresh mug of coffee. The website opened. Anthony’s fingers warmed enough to function again, and he turned to invite Atlas over again.

“Are you sure—What’s wrong Atlas?”

A shimmer of snow blasted through the room. Atlas didn’t move. Anthony checked the clock, 4:11 AM. Not a time when Anthony hallucinated. 

“It’s almost bedtime. Let me update this site.”

Atlas yowled, jumped from his tree, and ran under the bed. 

“Okay, I guess you don’t care.”

A muffled hiss emitted from the bed. The chill set in as Anthony clicked “This list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it.” The extreme cold hit like a jolt of lightning connecting to a metal rod. Bee stings danced across Anthony’s face as his mind worked to catch up with the abrupt change. A cold dampness pressed in against Anthony’s socks, and a white wall of snow billowed in front of his face. 


Anthony tried to say something, but the cold cut his words off. Shivers set in and the warmth from the coffee mug disappeared. The wind whistled against the snowpack. The mountain range grew as far as he could see. Anthony turned to look behind him, but the thigh high level snow made it hard to move. Where the hell am I?

No one answered, and if there was some logical explanation, Anthony didn’t know it. Anthony drops his coffee mug and tries to pull out his phone. It showed zero service and twenty-five percent battery left. Twenty percent battery. Shit. Anthony turned off the phone and hoped to find a tower. As he scanned the mountain for an optimum direction of travel, he lost some hope. The best bet is down. 

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