The Exhibit 30: Only Here for You

Braxton waited in the lobby for Ben, even though he could have stayed outside the interrogation room. The other Officers in the precinct watched him and relaxed once he returned to the lobby. It took longer than Braxton liked. Detective Daniels stormed out of the interrogation room and went straight into the room where the other officers watched the interview. Muffled yells came through the closed door. He lawyered up. Nothing made an officer angrier than an innocent person asking for a lawyer. 

The wait didn’t take long once the public defender arrived and removed Ben from holding once they didn’t claim any charges against the boy. Braxton used the distraction to swipe a file from the top of a desk. The Artist’s Mark appeared on one paper that stuck out just enough. Braxton still had the sealed letter folded in his front pocket, seal intact. Careful and steady handwriting filled the page.

Dear Apprentice Benjamin,

If you’re reading this, then you’ve surpassed another of my proteges. I saw the Artist in your eyes last year during an interview. Fear not, I was once like you, afraid of who I was. Someone will recapture me, as I only needed to be on site for you. I hope you enjoyed my exhibit and understand that true beauty comes from the inside. Give Brax my love, and let him know I still miss and love Jessie, my finest work of beauty.

Your Guide,

Cass Lawrence

Braxton placed the folder back on the desk, but shoved the letter into his other pocket. Ben can never see this. The chaos of the precinct calmed as the public defender led Ben out of the interrogation room. A wide grin flashed across Ben’s face. A random officer walked up to Ben and shook his hand.

“Thank you for killing that bastard.”

Ben searched Braxton out with a questioning gaze. Braxton smiled and shrugged. The public defender handed Ben over to Braxton. 

“Sorry to pull you back into this,” Ben said.

“Don’t worry. Once you enter this world, you never leave.”

“But how do you stay happy?” 

“I do, and I don’t, but the answer you’re looking for depends on you. If I can, I try to save someone every day, even if it’s just myself. I can’t tell you what your thing is, but you’ll know.”

Ben nodded and seemed satisfied.

“What next?”

“Can you take me to see Melody? Detective Daniels told me they had officers posted outside her hospital door tonight, but she shouldn’t be seeing anyone until they debriefed her.”

Braxton smiled. The kid already knows how to work the system. Braxton jangled his car keys and guided Ben to the car. 

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