The Day the Earth Went Dark Episode 21: Adonis Exposed

The steel door to Xal’s room opened without warning. No one stood in the hallway, but a yellow Post-It note sat on the wall opposite the doorway. A scribbled a brief message on it. 

Main Deck ASAP.

Xal didn’t waste any time and sprinted down the empty hallways. Where is everyone? All doors to rooms stood ajar, computer stations sat unmanned, and no signs of guards anywhere. Xal wasn’t sure if that thudding of his boots on the metal floor was too loud, but the note said ASAP, so he ran hard. 

“… dare you accuse me of being an imposter,” Adonis said. “I am your Fleet Admiral and I expect respect from my subordinates.” 

The room remained empty besides Adonis, Third Guardian Dalton, and another lower enlisted spaceman. A glowing ring of gold liquid with black stones orbiting it hovered a few feet off the ground. Xal could see Adonis in his authentic form as always, but something in the way Dalton and the other Spaceman stood said they could see through the illusion as well. Neither stood at attention, or parade rest. Both would be the respectful stances. Instead, the two stood with arms folded, and even from behind, Xal could sense Dalton’s constant glare. 

“You’re not the Fleet Admiral,” Dalton said. “What happened to the real Boon?”

“I don’t know—” Adonis said, then cut himself off. 

Adonis’s eyes flicked to Xal.

“You used a code, didn’t you, Xal?” Adonis asked. “Yes, that would explain why the men and women of this ship turned on me so fast.”

Adonis turned from Xal and took a step towards the glowing ring.


Third Guardian Dalton raised his weapon and aimed. Adonis looked over his shoulder, smirked, and then faced the mystical floating ring. Xal walked heel to toe on the floor, almost silencing his footsteps. If I can just get close enough. Then Adonis spoke, and Xal moved with more confidence.

“You think to command me? I’m Adonis, the Head of the Creare Compound. You don’t even exist in my universe. I don’t take commands from sub-standard technologists as yourself. I have a greater purpose, which you and your crew will soon experience.”

Xal stood a breath behind Adonis. 

“And if the Smart-virus doesn’t kill you,” Adonis said, as if in closure.

Xal thought he knew what Adonis would say, so he pushed Adonis as hard as he could into the floating ring. Though Xal didn’t know what would happen if someone touched the portal, but it looked like something with cause and effect. To Xal’s luck, Adonis disappeared through the ring, which then puffed out in a cloud of gold and black dust before falling to the floor.

“Holy shit, Xal,” Dalton yelled, “you did it!”

The excitement was short-lived as a red light flashed and an automated voice echoed through the Main Deck. 

“Explosions detected in sectors five and four…”

The list continued, but none of the remaining spacemen waited to hear the end of the warning.

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