Thank You for Your Donation Day One Point Five

A shrill shred of plastic on plastic pulled me back into the dark world of my holding cell. The sliver of light from before no longer existed, and I stretched my hearing as far as I could to try and hear the muffled laughter. A beep from a machine, and then the sound started to dissipate. 

“Haha.” The man’s voice quality didn’t improve from before. “I’m sorry, but it seems that you had a seal break. I guess you won’t be able to donate for another fifty-six days.”

The man’s cynical cackle erupted as if in a fit of joy. I could hear someone sob. I looked to my right and breathed a sigh of relief. Barry laid unconscious in his cage, but I could see the rise and fall of his chest in the darkness. Where did the guy get these beds? Where am I? I’d learned from earlier to keep quiet. I tried to glimpse down at my watch, but I was worried the smartwatch’s screen would shine too bright and draw his fury. I rolled my head to the left and saw more beds laid out in a familiar pattern. The man continued.

“We would still like to thank you for donating at Biolite.” I never knew someone could verbally sneer like that in their voice. “I am doing this for your safety, know that I am sorry.”

I cringed and waited, but the whimpers softened until silence took over. Why did the man thank them for donating at my work? A huff and then a grumble. Cages surrounded the beds as mine and dark figures shifted in the restraints. I realized that to the right of Barry was a PQR3 machine with a backlit green light. The man stood about average height and showed no signs of extra muscularity in the lab coat. It really could be anyone.

“I know all of you are awake,” The man grumbled, “so listen as I give you the clues. If you discover my true identity, then I will set the remaining survivors free.”

I don’t believe him, but I also don’t have a choice but to listen. I hope it was only a seal break that happened, and not something worse. 

“You sick fuck!” Niel yelled. “Once I get out of this—“

“Yes, yes,” The man’s voice said, sounding annoyed. “I’m sure that all of your CrossFit exercises will ruin my frail body. Listen to what I have to say, or I will kill you right away.”

Silence. I didn’t think he would do it, because it sounded like the man wanted more. I waited and hoped that no one else would speak out of turn.

“It starts with a riddle,” the man said, “three men deferred at the same time a few months ago. I was one of them. The date was 07/28/20. With that deferral, you ruined my life. Each of you played a part in the issue. It wasn’t my fault; it wasn’t my fault. Tomorrow I will kill one of you, and then every other day after that until you discover my identity. Either way, you will understand my pain.”

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