Thank You for Your Donation Day One Point Zero

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The glow and subsequent buzz of my watch alarm pulled me from my sleep. Right away, a massive migraine cascaded through my head, which caused my brain to beg me to keep my eyes closed. I didn’t know when I’d fallen asleep, but it felt like I was waking up in another century. The air felt cold, and the warmth of a soft blanket created the comfort of home. A rattle of metal pulled at the illusion. Houses didn’t often have metal cages unless there were dogs. But I didn’t have a dog at home. Muscles exhausted, mind blurred, I opened my eyes and found the rattle of metal came from a cage a foot away.

“Ben,” Barry whispered, “Dude, what the heck happened?”

“Barry?” I said, my mind still fought the delirium. “What do you mean, what happened? The last thing I remember was an emergency work meeting.”

Restraints inside the cage held Barry in place, and the cold metal around my wrists told me I was in the same predicament. I tried to sit up further. A faint beam of light cut into the room and reflected against the rebar cages which framed the donation beds. I pulled at my restraints, but they only cut into my wrists more. I looked back down at my watch. I could barely see the time over the metal handcuffs that held me in place. The time read 0705, my “you’re late for work again” reminder continued to buzz. 

“Barry, can you see anything from where you are?” I asked.

“No man,” Barry said, starting to whine, “D-Do you think we’re going to die?”

“Easy, my dude,” I said. I needed to stay calm. “We don’t even know what’s going on. Maybe it’s just a bad dream.”

“Be quiet!” A man’s voice yelled though it sounded like he used a voice modulator to speak. “You will be able to speak when all of you are here.”

I lost all hope of nightmares at that point. An outline of an arm appeared, with a strange bulk to the hand. I held my breath instinctually. The man placed his hand on my face, and I felt the fabric rag and a sweet taste. The tension built in my chest as my body begged to breathe. The skinny arm could have been anyone’s arm. I wanted to see his face, but the face shield and mask covered any defining features. It felt like a truck sat on my chest. I wanted to breathe so bad. One last look at the man, but in the darkness, could I recognize him? Breathe. I don’t know…

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