“The FBI reports that the man known as Braxton Luxemburg attempted to fake his death in the previous weeks to remove suspicion from himself. The entire complex went up in flames as a homemade IED exploded at around five P.M. last Tuesday. No occupants were hurt due to a possible gas leak earlier in the day. Whether planned by Luxemburg, or by mere coincidence, this action saved the lives of many. There is information from an anonymous source that Luxemburg works for an underground Mafia leader known as The Employer. While this is the first time that we’ve heard of this, we hope that the viewers at home can help us find the man, and criminal group, before more killings commence. This is David Hutchins, CNX News, signing out,” David Hutchins said.

The red light on the camera went dim, and David felt his body fall into exhaustion. David met with Miss E., who gave him the details about The Employer and said that she’d given them to the FBI. Still, David would soon find out if that were true. All of the people coming up to him seemed to have a desire for his influence. While he thought of himself as well recognized, he didn’t agree that a reporter held as much sway as others thought he might.

“I can’t believe I gave that guy any information,” David said. “Fuck, he was good at his job. I don’t think I would have been able to leave alive.”

“Aren’t you worried that the FBI will bring you in for questioning since he came and talked to you?” The cameraman said.

David heard heavy footsteps and indiscernible yelling. It started to sound like a stampede.

“Cut those cameras off,” a man yelled. “End the Newscast, FBI.”

The herd of suits came to a stop in front of the set that operated as the newscast background. The group fanned out and kept any of the skittish from running away.

“Mr. Hutchins, my name is Special Agent Spencer Morgan, and I’m with the FBI,” Agent Morgan said. “I want to ask you some questions about that information you just sent out to the world.”

“It took you goons long enough,” David said.

In the back corner of the room, someone stood out to David, though he didn’t bring it up to anyone. By her dress, he could tell that she was not a part of the feds or any of the CNX employees. The silver dress she wore hugged her body in a complementary manner, and the wan smile she wore enticed David. He only hoped he could ask his friends about the woman when he got back. She looked to be a few years older than David.

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