I am The Employer

October 25, 2019

I guess that I’ve been away for a little bit. I really did miss writing here. Taking on the role of The Employer appeared more straightforward than it turned out. The old man only seemed to talk without contractions, and everyone did what he said. I know it’s more than that, but I didn’t learn everything I needed to learn before I took over. Every day I struggle to perform the required duties. I am trying to juggle my identity myself with the new title and expectations of these men. They were all lost boys brought in by my predecessor. I cannot imagine what pain they feel in the loss of that man. Now, they try to use me to replace him, or at least some of them do. Many of the men recognize the reality that the man who raised them from childhood does not exist. I want to do my best for them, but an issue must be resolved before I can exert my full focus on my role.

I realize that I have a significant hole to fill with the freedom of Mr. Reyez. Training the men now falls onto the shoulders of Matt, my right-hand man, but I need his focus on helping me. I see no issues with his capabilities to train. I do not regret assigning him as a temporary replacement. I want my second in command to be available and ready to assist me with the daily decisions and controls of the Facility. After the destruction of the Utah Facility, I moved all of my assets into one location. Tactics wise, I know that it seems a poor choice, but it is all I can do for these men right now.

About assets, I’ve had to take on a new one. Detective Luxemburg is now an asset in my control. I brought him in after Miss E. contacted him. I thought that I had hidden him well enough, but she proved me wrong within a week of him starting his investigation. After an attempt at a faked death, the FBI screwed up my plan and revealed the truth. I guess the fire had not burned hot enough to get rid of everything. Also, Miss E., there is no way it was not her, exposed my operation. Now I battle to keep the FBI, the one agency my predecessor couldn’t get on the payroll, from finding the last viable Facility in America. I don’t have the resources ready yet to leave America and assume control elsewhere. But that may be the only option I have left.

A SL and PoS post.

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