A Temporary End

June 18, 2018

    Living life on the run added an exhilaration that I didn’t know I needed in my life. I realize that the training I received under my initial supervision of Jeffrey shaped my drive and that the idea of always needing to work in stealth made me realize that I shouldn’t have run away in the first part. The whole concept of, you do not know what you have until it’s gone holds more truth than I wanted to admit at first. Jeffrey offered a father figure that I actually wanted to follow compared to the sad attempts from the men in my mother’s life. I do appreciate their efforts, but it showed me a lot of what a fake father figure might look like. Then I realized how I insulted the man who I respected the most by disconnecting from him when he offered me a life of fulfillment.

    I see now that Jeffrey, The Employer, only wanted me to inherit his duties. I see this as an opportunity, but I also cannot allow myself to fall within the constraints of his practices. I lived too long coloring inside the lines with a watchful eye on my every action.  A man, no, a human being, must find their own purpose in life and cannot allow others to restrain their actions. I now own mine. I must finish my predecessors work of the hunt for She. I do not know if I can complete the assignment as outlined, but I must try. I realize that Jeffrey did not Employ all of his assets to their fullest potential. Detective Luxemburg, prepare to come out of retirement.          

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