Entry #12 Part 2

I always seem to forget the balancing force that the universe provides. The title of The Employer does not live singularly through me, because one man cannot run every area of the world at the same time. There are Employers for every country and gender as checks and balances for the system. I’m not sure if I want to say it is more violent or gentler than the American government, but it remains ever present in the day to day activities. 

In my attempt to recruit She, I seemed to have brought disfavor into my operations. My employees do not understand why I have fought for She so hard that I even brought the son into our midst. The men fear for their lives now that She has taken to killing them off. The one promise of my protection can no longer be upheld because I cannot be around every man in public at once. My employees are well trained. She is trained better. I can’t help but feel that some other forces are at work to balance the system that I created. Maybe She would have pushed my employee strength to too much, or perhaps I tried to acquire another Employer’s asset. 

The only other employer I know of operating in America is Mrs. E. I thought we had a good enough relationship that she would reach out if I took something too far. For all I know, She has found sanctuary with Mrs. E. if She is not already under employment. I think my men know that I have lost control. They cannot turn to Mrs. E. because they know of the clear divide between our forces. We both began our businesses in 1954 when the peak of gender separation in the United States. Mrs. E. created a group of women that did not coincide with the ideal housewife mold, and have been cautious about letting men know of their existence for fear of rebuttal. She was required to tell me, just as I was instructed to inform her about the operational atmosphere in the United States. Current circumstances in the world have caused Mrs. E. to increase output as she gains support from more interested parties. I can try to reach out to my counterpart to parley. This will become a sign of weakness to my men, but I have forgotten the sacrifices in pride I once took to get to my position.

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