The Employer Entry #10

    A man can only be allowed to wallow in grief for a short time. The longer a man is stuck in sorrow, the closer he grows to his demise. I feel no pity for Brady, for I have suffered my own losses of love and many other valuable items in the past, and now I must begin his training. I never thought I would need to train the heir to my throne on such a short timeline. I believed that I had more tomorrows than I do now. That is the greatest lie we tell ourselves as humans though, and we can’t help but believe ourselves. Our belief in time often hinders us from our most significant achievements. I must complete my greatest success in the next few weeks before She can find us. I have reports of her nearness to us, and I only hope Brady can learn quick enough. 

    I already told you that he had the compassion needed to fill my role. Detective Luxembie, you must understand that when Brady takes over, you will not find him. Just as I made myself undiscoverable to you, so he will do for himself. I can’t urge you enough not to pursue him. For if I fail at killing She, then She will always protect him. Then I would call the situation of Brady a curse and a blessing, cliché, I know, but the poison from She only leave after She dies. Her venom is that of comfort, but a true ruler must face discomfort with pleasure. In my belief, pain breeds success. Now I cannot allow my words to be misconstrued. A person with their leg in a bear trap is in discomfort that could lead to death, that will not breed success. Those individuals only succeed in dying if they allow the bear trap to remain closed on their leg. So, the discomfort I speak of is that of mental distress. A person who finds themselves in a high-stress situation can use that moment to learn or submit. To take the role of The Employer Brady must learn from the lessons he will be given over the short time I have left. If he submits to the discomfort or seeks refuge from it through She, then I have miscalculated his abilities. 

    For today, I will allow him to gain his understanding in the room with the red light. Yes, Detective Luxembie, the very light that haunts your waking hours.

2 thoughts on “The Employer Entry #10

  1. May I just say what a relief to find someone that actually understands what they are discussing on the web.
    You certainly know how to bring a problem to light and
    make it important. More people really need to check
    this out and understand this side of your story.
    I can’t believe you aren’t more popular since you definitely have the gift.


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