The Employer Entry #9

    I felt wrong to withhold Brady from his coping methods that began as a recommended treatment from his therapist. The fact that he went out of his way to use the computer shows me that he, in fact, believes that the journal helps him. I too have begun to notice that I look forward to my entries here. I am sure that you, Detective Luxembie, may still view me with disgust, but I will not defend my actions. I see an opportunity with this boy to make things better in my system of employment. I only hope that he does not make the mistake of employing a person similar to Cass Lawrence as I did. You came too close to my operation, and I took the action of a younger man that almost cost me more than you know. Brady shows more promise than my younger self though. 

    I find it strange that the younger generations seem to grow quicker than ours. They appear to learn at an accelerated rate, though we still try to discount them for being entitled. Sometimes we think they don’t utilize the tools they have access to with their fullest potential. Yet I now recognize that we don’t understand the new ways that they can use their assets with minimal effort. Brady has already begun to advance how I track my payroll and management of supplies with a well put together excel spreadsheet. I wasn’t the old-school pen and paper bookkeeper before, but I did have my struggles to keep up with the growing number of employees. I am sure that he will show me much more before my life comes to an end soon. I know that She draws nearer to me. I guess I could say to us because her real desire is him not me. As I watch Brady teach me, I wonder if he realizes that he, in fact, teaches himself. Soon he will take charge of my empire, and I only can hope that he rules the kingdom better than I did.

    In a final note for this entry, I must address the actual facts of the death of Veronica. She killed Veronica. I don’t have access to the autopsy reports yet, but I know that the young girl wouldn’t kill herself when so much of the correspondence between Veronica and Brady promised so much. The reporters claimed suicide, and I recognize that the happiest people on the outside are sometimes the saddest on the inside, but the timing speaks of foul play. I will add my findings in regards to the coroner’s report once I receive the information required to make a full assessment. I dare not tell Brady until I can give him all of the evidence. For now, I must convince him that the “suicide” wasn’t related to any actions he took.

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