The Employer Entry #8

The damn boy’s lack of experience showed even though I hoped he might know better when I told him that we needed to remain unnoticed. His use of the public computer at the library didn’t seem suspicious to anyone, and he informed my employees that he needed to look up a book on the computer system. Damn technology for its new versatility. I miss the days of the black and green screens. Yes, Brady took a significant risk in his actions, but I don’t think that She noticed yet. I asked his permission to see what he did on the computer after I urged him to tell me why he seemed paranoid. I didn’t make it this far in my business without being able to read my employees well. The boy also has no skills in hiding his truth. I’m sure his mother always knew about the girlfriend from the first time he went to meet her. My mother always told me that “Mama Knows” and I haven’t seen that saying disproved in my life. 

I think all efforts at this point to bring She into my employment have become useless. I believe now I hold a more significant asset than She if I can keep Brady and myself alive long enough to train him. I said it from the beginning that I saw the potential for greatness in the young boy’s eyes. While time is the greatest trainer, I believe that I can offer some more short-term training that I discovered on my own trek to my position. I don’t see the status of The Employer as a family such as a mafia, but more of a CEO position at a large company. I don’t pay off law enforcement, coroners, or doctors for private work. I hire them like any company with no threats to their families. I have found that the benefits I offer allow more secrecy than a threat ever could. 

You will see, Detective Braxton Luxembie, that I am not the monster you see me as, and one day you may appreciate what I have done.

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