A Breach in Security

March 31, 2019
I finally found some time and a place to make another entry in my digital journal. I don’t understand why I trust Jeffrey more than anyone else right now. I met some of his employees for some other business he runs, and they seemed like shady people, but once I started talking to them, they were actually pretty chill. I went home after that and told my mom about the awesome people Jeffrey introduced to me. She seemed upset but remained composed. Then I laid the big change on her that I would move out soon. I thanked her for all of her support and love and that I wouldn’t move too far away. I told her I wanted my own space. Plus, I’m way too old to live at home with my mom. If she ever wanted any grandkids, then I would need to be able to date a girl and have a place with privacy. She fell silent then and went to her room. I worried that I had crossed the line until she greeted me in the morning as happy as her usual self.
That night I woke up to a knock on the condo door that sounded like the hinges would break. I ran to the door aware that my mother’s bedroom door remained closed even with all the noise. I didn’t know how she could stay asleep with all of the sounds. Ever since I was a child, I could never beat her to the door. It almost seemed that she could sense when someone would walk up to the door before they knocked. When I opened the door, I found Jeffrey who panted with heavy breathes and told me to follow him. I froze for a moment. Then he told me that it had to do with my mother and so I followed him. The last thing I remember from that night is that I entered the black SUV and buckled my seatbelt.
I woke up to a dull throb of a headache and the desire for water. I opened my eyes to see I laid down in a small wood-walled room with a light that danced along the corners. I rolled onto my side, and the bed gave a slight groan to match my cry of pain from sleeping on a stiff mattress. On the nightstand next to my bed sat a bottle of water and a couple pill bottles with a note. It instructed me to take the right amount of medicine with the water and to leave the room when I felt well enough.
My time is almost up so I can’t write everything today. You won’t believe what happened.

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