The Employer Entry #6

I introduced the boy to some of my lower level employees. I can’t show him too much at once, or else he might become frightened. I do not believe that those I employ as pure evil, but that they possess talents that the world fails to recognize as beneficial. In history, we can see that the use of the “lower class” to conduct operations that the “higher class” individuals would not participate in. Just as Pilate washed his hands, so has the “higher class” society that employs my personnel. My personal favorite scenario to compare my ventures to is that of privateers. Now many hear that term and think of pirates like Davy Jones or Jack Sparrow, thanks to the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, but in fact, I am often in contract with the government and private agencies. The privateers were given permission in their contracts to attack and plunder enemy ships when the agreement permitted. 

Now the people that I introduced Brady to could be compared to your con-artists, but with talent comparable to Frank Abagnale. They impressed him with the ability they could secure items from Brady’s person without him knowing. Some might wonder why I started with these individuals since they seemed to demonstrate me as an employer of crooks and thieves, and it is simple. I chose the con-artists and pick-pocketers because they show that the simplicity of the talent doesn’t mean the limitation. I am not the teacher to point out the exact lesson I want the boy to learn, so I must wait and see if he extracts the proper education. 

I can feel a tension that builds between She and myself. I can’t help but begin to worry that I have gone too far in bringing the boy into my employment. I am close to the end of my time anyways with a sickness in my body that I cannot fight. The boy is the only chance I have to leave my empire in the proper hands. So, either She will kill me, or my own body will beat her to the punch. I must accept that if I cannot correctly prepare Brady to take my place that my employees will drive my kingdom into an unrepairable hell.

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