The Employer Entry #5

Entry #5
The boy has shown enough promise in the two weeks he has worked for me to allow him further into my operations. Many of my employees see that as too short a period for an honest assessment, but he did one thing I didn’t expect. When I paid him the other day, I gave him a little cash as a bonus for his hard work so the government wouldn’t steal from that portion of his pay as well. I watched the boy walk out as he looked at his cash bonus and then pocket it as he stepped onto the sidewalk in front of the store. The boy froze with his hand in his pocket and looked at the homeless man across the street. The man didn’t wave to him, or nod his head, but seemed to stare at the boy. The boy checked the road and then walked across to the man with determination. The homeless man shrank against the wall. Brady wasn’t a small boy, so a determined walk would make the timid pull away in fear. I felt surprised that the gimp was not noticeable for that short walk. When the boy reached the man, I saw him pull the money out of his pocket and give it to the man, and then shook the hand that didn’t have the money in it. I couldn’t see the expression on the man’s face, but I felt the gratitude cross that distance. Brady then gimped towards where he parked his jeep.

Many of my advisors told me that the act alone couldn’t validate his trustworthiness. The advisors believe that my current employee’s offer many other suitable options for an heir to my kingdom I’ve built. They don’t understand the level of compassion I’ve needed to maintain for the success of my empire. I work with what most of the world views as the bottom of the barrel, or scum of the earth, but to see the value in those that the world has dismissed, I needed compassion more than any other trait. I see those with potential, and age has made it easier to recognize opportunities, and I can’t help but bring them into my operation if they have the right talents.

I don’t know what talents I see yet in the boy. He isn’t an artistic serial killer, or a graceful hitman, and definitely not a creature with amazing combat prowess. The boy is only a boy that works hard, shows up on time, and shows compassion on those in need. As with many others, I will work with him to develop the strengths that he may not recognize yet. We all have that potential, and since I didn’t have someone to guide me on my path, I will lead him to better his future.

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