The Gift of Independence

March 10, 2019

My mom bought me a brand-new jeep! I mean, it’s a little weird that it is almost identical to hers, but I won’t refuse her gift. Sometimes I wonder where she gets enough money for the things she buys. Back when I was a teenager, I tried to ask her once, and she replied that it’s never polite to ask someone about their income, though I guess I asked her how much she made and not how she made money. She said that if my father would have lived longer than he could have taught me that lesson earlier in life. I realized that as I got older that I didn’t really care who paid my mom, or what for because it always seemed to benefit me.

My mom seems extra needy for my attention since I started my job. The first week I only worked part-time, which wasn’t bad. Jeffrey wanted to make sure we didn’t push me too hard. I wanted to work full-time, but Jeffrey insisted that it was better to start out slow. After those first few days of work, I realized how much I appreciated being outside of the condo. When I pulled up to work in the new jeep, Jeffrey seemed concerned. He welcomed me with a smile and a compliment on my new ride, but the unease sat in his eyes like a goth at a symphony. Now I get to work full time! I love to go to work, but the second I get home my mom wants to talk my ear off about everything on the news. I don’t even watch the news, but I do keep my eyes open for any new reports on the death of my therapist. I think they gave up on trying to figure out what caused the accident. The mountain lion story seems plausible enough for the general public and family. So like I said, nothing exciting in the news.

With the new job, I find it harder to meet up with Veronica sometimes. The old freedom I had seems like I could always go wherever Veronica wanted to go at any time. Now we do the dance of the schedules, and I try to keep my mother happy at the same time. I really think its time for me to find my own living space. I love my mother and all she has done for me, but I can’t deal with her annoying presence anymore. I don’t know how she will handle me leaving, because she seems dependent on me, but not in a services kind of way. It looks like my presence is what eases her stress, not anything I do at the condo. I also want to give my mom privacy with Jeffrey, even though that’s gross to think about. I guess I’m on my way to accomplish another goal, move into my own place. If I’m lucky, Veronica will actually be able to come over to my apartment instead of me always going to hers.

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