The Employer Entry #4

I can’t help but feel that the son of She needs help in his situation. I can see the toll that his time in her home takes on his mind. He can’t seem to lift a finger without his mother’s approval. I think that the boy could use a job again to get him out of that small prison of his. My observers have seen him leaving to meet his girlfriend at the coffee shop down the road often, but they don’t think that She knows about every time. I asked She to offer her son a job at my shop. I want to see if that spark I saw in his eyes will result in anything worthwhile. I believe that the boy has the highest potential out of any man I have met, but he may not know his value yet. If he can handle working the front of my shop then, after a while, I will bring him further into my operations. 

My observers have noted no abnormal movements from She, which worries me. I can see the hunger in her eyes. She spends time with her boy and me. One of these days the desire will become too much, and she will slip up. When She makes a mistake, I may be able to discover her undetectable method killing. I tried to get more on Hank, but I couldn’t glean even the smallest clue from the well-preserved body. The therapist’s face and neck proved too damaged to offer any new information. I think that part of the story about the mountain lion is real, but I think the mountain lion found him later. I don’t believe the boy had anything to do with the death of Hank. While he doesn’t seem distraught at the loss of another father figure, he also doesn’t show any joy in the man’s absence. No, the death of Hank was an action of She, and her son found himself in the crossfire. I just can’t understand how she would kill the man on the same boat her son would find himself on.

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