The Employer Entry #3

            I have entered the least dangerous part of my goal, and now find myself often cradling She in my arms. The concern that comes to my mind is why does she trust me so quickly. Both of us are not youthful, though I prefer to see myself as well seasoned instead of old. I think that she wouldn’t jump into my arms so fast if she didn’t know her plan. No, I must still be cautious, even if this seems like a harmless time, because the greatest threat of life can occur in complacency. I still carry my knives in their hidden locations across my suits. A good tailor can hide most weapons, especially when the suit belongs to a man of my stature. I digress. She welcomed me into her home recently where I discovered she had a son in recovery. I made the instant connection to why her defenses had lowered enough for me to find her. She forgot that she needed to hide while she tended to her son. A brave move for a dangerous woman. 

            When I looked in her son’s eyes I saw a spark that wanted to get out, or a beast waiting to be unleashed. I don’t know exactly what it was, but I know the boy holds a strong desire to live life within him. The way he sized me up with his eyes to get a measure of me and then dismissed me told me that he either had a lot to learn, or my age is now betraying the presence I once held. I must spend some more time with this boy to see if he amounts to a lion or a scared gazelle. If he is the later, than I mistook that spark for excitement instead of terror. I offered for She and her son to come to my Super Bowl celebration as a casual way to observe Brady. You can learn a lot about someone by how they pay attention to a sporting event. 

            In the meantime, I will continue my research into She and the situation of her son. Many questions arise now that I understand the boy on the boat with Hank was her son. Did the boy play a part in the killing of Hank? And if so, did he know? Does he know what his mother really is? I can’t say right now. For the length of time that She has killed it must be hard to hide from family, unless he lived away from her for most of that time. She may be cold enough to leave her young child behind with a watcher of some form. I wonder who the earliest one was. Maybe that watcher can answer some questions of mine. 

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