Two-Sided Research

February 24, 2019

            It’s weird to find your mom trying to log onto your computer, right? I know that she has a computer of her own, so it didn’t make sense for her to try and use mine. I got really mad at first, then she explained that hers had broken and she figured I wouldn’t mind if she used my computer. I told her I was fine with it, she had bought me the computer anyways, but I swear I heard her run down the hallway once I hopped in the shower. At first, I just thought she needed to go to the bathroom really bad. She often is really quiet and I don’t ever know what room she is in until I call for her. 

I don’t really have anything to hide on my computer, but it comforts me to know she couldn’t figure out my password. I let her on my computer and decided to play some games in my room while she used the laptop. I could tell she was looking for something, but Gears of War distracted me enough that I didn’t notice if she found it. I heard the printer go off in the living room. My mom still hasn’t updated her printer since she bought it years ago so it sounds like a battering ram with every line it prints. I looked over as she closed all the windows and then nodded to herself as if in acceptance of what she found. I couldn’t figure out what webpages she closed, but she left the room after thanking me and kissing me on the forehead. I’m too old for my mom to kiss me on the forehead, and Veronica would totally make fun of me if she saw that happen. 

            Last night she came and told me that she was sorry she hadn’t supported me in finding a new job, and could tell that she wouldn’t mind me not spending her money on everything. I don’t know why she said those things, because she was all for me just living off of her last night. She told me that she talked to Jeffery and he “offered to employ me at his place of business.” Why do people use weird phrases when having serious conversations? She could have just told me that he offered me a job. I appreciated, and accepted, because all the other employers that claimed to be hiring never called me back. It will be nice to have some money of my own to spend on Veronica. 

            I still haven’t figured out what happened to Hank or my therapist, but I know they are connected for sure. The autopsy reports showed similar sunken skin on the necks, though Hanks crater seemed deeper and larger. I don’t know who sent me the information, but I got an email with no sender address today.  The connection is too big to be a coincidence.

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